Madrid 101 Guide: The ultimate Guide for visiting Spain’s Capital, written by a local


Madrid 101 Guide: The ultimate guide for visiting Spain’s Capital

More than 70 pages full of useful information for your Madrid trip.


✅How to prepare for your Madrid trip (+ useful sources)💡

✅Detailed information about Madrid’s neighborhoods 🗺

✅Food & Restaurants you have to try in Madrid 🍷

✅Detailed information about visiting Madrid’s Art Museums 🎨

✅Itinerary for a self-guided walking tour in Madrid 📸

+ Insider tips from a local!

Scroll down for a detailed summary about my guide ⬇️


Find out everything you need to know about Madrid!

This written guide includes over 70 pages of useful information for visiting Madrid. I included everything you need to know for your Madrid trip to make your stay unforgettable. I moved to Madrid six years ago and have received so many visitors and love showing people around.

Let’s be honest. If you are not a local visiting Madrid could be overwhelming. In the end, it is the largest city in Spain. And it became fairly touristy during the last years. We don’t want you to end up eating frozen Paella & overpriced Sangría in a typical tourist restaurant. Hell no. But with this guide, you can rest assured it will not happen.

What exactly does the guide cover? 

My Madrid guide covers the following sections:

Quick Summary about Madrid & Spain 101 ✨

Preparing for your visit & useful sources 📖

Google Maps Map with all places mentioned in the guide you can download & display on your phone 🗺

Weather in Madrid and what to keep in mind ⛅️

Bad weather alternatives for your visit ☔️

Madrid FAQ: Things I get asked a lot about Madrid 🧠

Useful information about Madrid’s neighborhoods. What are the best areas to stay? 🏩

Public Transport in Madrid, Apps for ordering a cab + how to get from the airport to the city center 🚌

Trains to take from Madrid & One-day trip destinations🚋

Mistakes to avoid while visiting Madrid & How to avoid scams & pickpockets 🥷

Exchange Currency, VAT, Emergency phone numbers 🆘

Going Shopping & Buying Souvenirs in Madrid 🛍

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner in Madrid 🥘

Food you have to try in Madrid 🍤

Everything you have to know about ordering beer and wine in Madrid 🍷

Parks, markets, and the best activities 💃

Visiting Madrid’s famous Art Museums 🎨

Itinerary for a self-guided walking tour in Madrid 📸


… Is there going to be a Language barrier? 

This Madrid guide includes a Spanish vocabulary sheet full of useful travel vocabulary. Two pages full of useful words and phrases that will be useful in your everyday life of exploring Madrid.

That way you can perfectly prepare for your Madrid trip and talk to locals.

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