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If you are currently thinking about what souvenirs from Barcelona you could take home with you, you came to the right place. My boyfriend and I currently live in Barcelona and every time I go home I think about what I could bring home to my family and loved ones. There are so many different souvenirs from Barcelona that you could get! Starting from food, to jewelry, artworks from local Barcelona artists and so much more! But let’s be honest, if you only have a couple of days in Barcelona you need to plan your souvenir shopping a bit. That is why I created the following blogpost for you:

Here come more than 25 souvenirs you can bring home from Barcelona. We have all sorts of souvenirs for all needs: The cliche souvenirs (yay, another keychain), the traditional souvenirs (hmmm turrón) and my special tips for unique souvenirs. Always with recommendation for where to buy them! So keep reading, let’s talk about the best souvenirs you can bring back from Barcelona: 

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Make sure to do a free walking tour in Barcelona

Free walking tours are my favorite activity to do whenever I visit a new city. They are the best way to go to know the most important areas of a place you are visiting for the first time. I have done a walking tour in Barcelona, but also in so many other Spanish cities, and I cannot recommend them enough. You will learn so much about Barcelona’s history and culture!

So how do free walking tours work? Free walking tours do not come with a set price, so they are free! You will spend an afternoon walking around Barcelona, exploring the city’s most iconic areas and gorgeous buildings. The best of free walking tours are the local guides. They do such an amazing job at showing the city through the eyes of a person who lives there! At the end of the tour you have the chance to leave your guide a tip. And how much you would like to tip them is completely up to you! It usually depends on your budget and on how much you liked the tour.

You can find all free walking tours in Barcelona here

romantic things to do in Barcelona instagram spots the kiss mural souvenirs from barcelona

Let’s start: Here are souvenirs from Barcelona that don’t suck and your loved ones will be happy about!

One of the funniest souvenirs from Barcelona: Caganer Figurine 

Barcelona is famous for its Caganer Figurine. Honestly, when I first saw them I did not understand what that was and I was so confused! The Caganer (in English: the pooper)  is a traditional Catalan figure in the nativity scene. The caganer is a farmer that is taking a poo. Yes, you did not misread that. And what if I tell you that the Caganer stands for prosperity and fertility?! Of course, that makes it the perfect Barcelona souvenir for you. The great thing is that nowadays not only the traditional farmer caganers are sold. If you go to a store that sells Caganers, you will find figurines of many famous people taking a poo. So what about a souvenir of Barcelona of Messi taking a poo? 

Where can you buy a Caganer? Believe it or not, there are actual stores in Barcelona where you can buy your Cagier souvenir. Check out the “Caganer” store in Calle de Sant Pere Més Alt.

Tío de Nadal, a souvenir during Christmas time in Barcelona

Now that we spoke about the Caganer (=the pooper), we have to talk about the Tío de Nadal/ Cagatío (=the shi–ing log) as well. The Cagatío is a figure of Catalan mythology that brings presents for children on Christmas. But how does it work exactly? According to tradition, children sing a Christmas song while hitting the Cagatío gently with a stick. Then, the Cagatío “poops” the presents out, so that the children can take them and open them. A very interesting Catalan Christmas tradition, isn’t it? 

Bizarre or not, I think the Tío de Nadal could be a great souvenir from Barcelona. And if you are in Barcelona in December it really won’t be happy to find them. You can find them in any Christmas markets around Barcelona. The Christmas Market in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona (Fira de Santa Llúcia) should be your first destination here.

FC Barcelona Merch, a Barcelona souvenir idea for football fans

Of course, we also have to talk about souvenirs from Barcelona for the football fans. How about merch from FC Barcelona for someone who is a huge football fan? Barcelona is home to the “FC Barcelona team” that plays in the famous “Spotify Camp Nou” Stadium. 

If you are travelling with someone who is a football fan I highly recommend visiting the stadium and doing a tour around it. The tour includes several areas of the stadium, the museum and the press room. And you get to shop for souvenirs and gifts at the official FC Barcelona merch shop. 

If you do not make it to the Spotify Camp Nou stadium but want a football souvenir from Barcelona, you can still get them in the city center. You can find an official FC Barcelona store on Passeig de Grácia. 

souvenir from barcelona fc barcelona

Get the cutest Barcelona souvenirs that will always remind you of the city: panot tiles

When you think about Barcelona one of the first things that come to mind is the Sagrada Familia, and what else? Probably the iconic “Panet” tiles that you can find all around of Barcelona. There are several different designs of the beautiful panets, but the most famous one is probably the “Barcelona flower”. 

If you love these tiles just as much as I do, you can check out any local gift shop for souvenirs with these tiles. The photo below is from the souvenir shop next to Casa Milá, which I highly recommend. The things there were of amazing quality and they were selling things that make incredible Barcelona gifts! 

But that’s not it! You can check out Etsy for these tiles as gorgeous coasters or find a more colorful variation here. So pretty! 

Attention, please don’t be one of these people who rob these tiles from the city. We are all about sustainable tourism here!

Espardenyes & Espadrilles: The perfect summer show from Spain as a gift from Barcelona

When it comes to fashion, there are many souvenir ideas from Barcelona we are going to talk about. But let’s start with Espadrilles, the probably most comfortable summer show from Spain. Epadrilles are super popular in Spain, and you will see many people wearing them in summer. Here, I should mention that my mom loves these and has bought several pairs when she came visiting me in Spain. The most authentic ones are handmade using quality pieces of fabric. Long story short, they make the perfect souvenir from Barcelona for your loved ones!

If you want to find THE BEST Espadrilles in Barcelona, you have to check out La Manual Alpagatera in the Gothic quarter. Right next to it you can find Toni Pons, which is a popular chain that also sell the popular spanish summer shoe.

alpargatas souvenirs from barcelona

Jewelry pieces, the perfect souvenirs from Barcelona for a loved one

Barcelona has so many beautiful jewerly shops where you can find the perfect gift for your loved one. Of course, you can find jewelry in any clothes shops, like Zara or Mango. But I think you should check out the smaller shops in the city for unique jewelry pieces from Barcelona. I am sure you can make your loved ones really happy with those!

If you are looking for jewelry shops in Barcelona, the first one that comes to mind is Iduna. They have very beautiful rings and necklaces. I bought several pieces there and I am super happy with them. You can find some great Barcelona souvenirs there!

Another jewelry shop I found recently is YÜMI. This shop really has the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen. I can really recommend visiting it, and the price point is great!

Fashion: Check out Stradivarius, Zara or maybe Massimo Dutti for Barcelona souvenirs? 

There are so many incredible places to go shopping in Barcelona. And, if you come from abroad, you will realize that some Spanish clothes brands are a bit cheaper in Spain than in other countries, e.g. Zara and Mango. So how about finding a great Barcelona souvenir in one of these shops? If you want to go shopping in Barcelona, you should head to Passeig de Gràcia. There, you will find shops from lower-priced chains as H&M and Zara, but also designer brands such as Gucci and Prada.

My personal favorite when it comes to Spanish clothing brands is Massimo Dutti. The cloths are similar to Zara, but the quality is just so much better! I am sure you can find a great souvenir from Barcelona there.

souvenirs from barcelona Massimo Dutti store Passeig de gracia

What about finding an insane vintage piece in Barcelona for a souvenir? 

If you are looking for unique souvenirs from Barcelona, this one could be an amazing tip for you: Check out Barcelona’s second hand and vintage shops if you want to find some unique pieces that no one else has. Barcelona is known to be THE fashion capital. And you can tell that people are very fashionable in this city! So, maybe you can find some cool souvenirs and gifts from Barcelona there? 

What second hand shops do I recommend?

Humana, for unique vintage finds

There are a lot of Humana second-hand shops all around the city. If you are looking for something for retro and vintage, you should try out one of the vintage Humanas. Those might be a little bit more expensive but they have incredible vintage stuff there.

Le Swing, the best shop for vintage pieces and gifts in Barcelona

My personal favorite vintage clothing store is Le Swing in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. This shop is the definition of aesteticness. What you can find there are handpicked vintage pieces, from designer to self-made clothing. A true gem! If you want to get a unique vintage piece as a Barcelona souvenir, you will find it there!

barcelona in November vintage shopping barcelona in winter souvenirs from barcelona

The perfect Barcelona souvenir: Candles

There are several reasons why I think that candles are the perfect gift or souvenir from Barcelona. First of all, I think everyone gets excited when somebody gifts them a candle. Secondly, they usually do not break very easily in your suitcase. Bonus point: They are not liquid and therefore fit perfectly in your carry-on luggage. Apart from that, there are several gorgeous candles stores in Barcelona where you can find a creative Barcelona souvenir.

There are several candle shops (in Catalan cereria) in Barcelona. I would suggest checking out Cereria Subirà. This beautiful store has been open since 1761 and is just absolutely beautiful. Make sure to check it out!

Let’s get creative! Local artworks & paintings as souvenir from Barcelona

Barcelona is known to be a very artsy city. Each building in Barcelona is a work of art so you constantly feel like you are walking around a museum. So, if you want to take a little piece of Barcelona with you, how about a beautiful local painting or print? 

There are several shops in Barcelona where you can find local artworks and beautiful paintings.

Emily Victoria Art (online!): This is the shop of an artist that is from the UK and lives in Barcelona. The prints are all Mallorca/Costa Brava themed and all feature dreamy blue waters. Absolutely beautiful! If you are looking for a special souvenir from Barcelona, you have to check it out!

MoryArty: This shop features all kinds of different prints and wallpapers. The price point is incredible! They have a physical store in the creative neighborhood of Poblenou that you have to check out.

Galeria La Lesia: This shop has everything from postcards, to paintings, to prints and tote bags. If you are looking for something extravagant you can find it here. (Or continue checking out other shops in these streets, there are many other amazing Barcelona souvenir shops in that area!)

Souvenirs from Barcelona artworks

Other small businesses and shops where you can find unique souvenirs from Barcelona

What I personally love about Barcelona are all these small shops around the city where you can find amazing souvenirs for your loved ones! 

When you walk down the streets of Barcelona you will see so many original shops, of clothes, jewelry, gifts and so much more. There are two special shops that I want to mention here because I am sure you can find insane Barcelona souvenirs there: 


Minuya is a gorgous shop in th neighborhood of Gracia that you have to visit. The whole shop is full of gifts and beautiful accessories that make the PERFECT Barcelona souvenir. You will find everything from jewelry, original gifts, cloths and gorgeous decoration. So much attention to detail. If you are looking for a unique souvenir from Barcelona, you have to check it out!

Metro Cuadrado

This beautiful shop in the Gothic quarter is perfect if you need a souvenir from Barcelona for any female friend or family member. You can find anything from jewelry, hair accessories, mugs, clothes to candles and posters. And the best: Everything is organized by color! The hair clips are so beautiful. I saw several pieces that I wanted to by for myself! One of my top tips if you are looking for cool Barcelona souvenirs.

souvenirs from barcelona candles girls shop

Typical souvenirs from Barcelona like keychains, magnets, postcards and more…

If you do not care about all these extravagant souvenirs and just need the basic little gifts, I got you. Keychains, fridge magnets and bracelets can also be cute little souvenirs. We do not always have to be so materialistic. So, where can we find these souvenirs basics? 

You will always find these small souvenir shops close to Barcelona’s most important landmarks, like the Sagrada Familia or Casa Batlló. When you walk down Barcelona’s famous street La Rambla, you will also see many souvenir shops and stands where you can pick up some souvenirs. You will also see many mosaic figurines that will remind you of Gaudí’s artwork. So what about a mosaic lizard?

souvenirs from barcelona mosaic

Any Barcelona souvenir shops that I recommend in particular?

Personally, I really enjoy the official souvenir shops that you find right at famous landmarks, like Casa Battló or Casa Milá. The things you can find there might be a little bit more expensive, but they will have better quality and be more durable. Apart from that, they usually include gifts and souvenirs from local Barcelona artists or small businesses. The photos below are from the official souvenir shop of Casa Milá.

Then, the Gothic quarter is a great point to keep looking for souvenirs from Barcelona. You can start your journey in street “Calle de Sant Pere Més Alt”. There are many small shops there where you can go souvenir hunting! Only in that street, you can find vintage stores, jewelry, gift shops, prints and so much more!

Drink & Food Souvenirs from Barcelona

A must-souvenir from Barcelona: Get a bottle of Spanish wine from a wine store

A perfect idea for a souvenir from Barcelona is a good bottle of wine from a local wine shop. It does not matter if you are a fan of white, red, or rosé wine, I am sure we can find the amazing souvenir wine here for you. Spain is known to be one of the best countries for wine. I am sure you also enjoyed a glass of wine during your stay in Barcelona. So how about surprising your loved ones and bringing them a bottle of great wine from your Barcelona trip? 

Where to get your perfect souvenir wine from Barcelona?

Of course, you can get a bottle of wine at any Corte Inglés store in Barcelona. But I would invite you to go to local wine stores. There, they will have amazing collections of local wines from smaller wineries. And most of them have amazing natural wines too! I can recommend La Vinicola and Vinalium.

Manchego Cheese, the perfect souvenir for Cheese lovers

Now this Barcelona souvenir is perfect for cheese lovers! Whenever you go out in Barcelona you can order a nice cheese platter to go with your Spanish wine. Those cheese platters will usually have different types of cheese, but I am sure they will have Manchego cheese. This cheese is traditionally from the “La Mancha” region of Spain, but is popular throughout the whole country.

So where can you buy Manchego cheese in Barcelona? 

Again, I am sure you will find some of these in the supermarket El Corte Inglés. But I would suggest going to some smaller shops and markets to find your local Barcelona souvenirs there. One that I can recommend is “Mantequería Lasierra” in Eixample. They have an excellent offer, but also sell other things that can be a great Barcelona souvenir!

souvenir from barcelona Spanish cheese

Don’t forget about Spanish Iberian Ham and cured meats 

You cannot leave Barcelona without trying some delicious Iberian Ham first. And then, taking some back home with you to give it to your loved ones! Iberian Ham is THE perfect souvenir from Barcelona. This is the most exquisite ham you can find in the whole world. You will only find it in Spain, which makes it so incredibly special. 

Where can you find Iberian Ham in Barcelona that you can take as a souvenir?

Here, I think it makes sense to check the supermarket in Corte Ingles because they package it well so that it will survive any long flights. If you are lucky, you might even catch a 2×1 offer, that El Corte Inglés sometimes has. But apart from that you can check in any local markets and small ham shops. You can find many jam stands in the famous “La Boquería” market, where the ham will be freshly cut in front of you. Apart from that, you can buy ham in many tabernas. I recommend visiting “Casa Alfonso” for their incredible cured meat that is a great souvenir from Barcelona.

Vermut as a souvenir from Barcelona

If you already grabbed a bottle of wine as a souvenir from Barcelona, make sure to check out the Vermut section as well. Vermut is an aromatized fortified wine that is popular all-over Spain. During your stay in Barcelona, I invite you to have a “vermut de la casa” in one of the thousands of bars in the city. 

The best thing about vermouth as a Barcelona souvenir is that many bars sell their own self-made vermouth in bottles. And those bottles are the perfect gift for somebody back home! 

Of course, you can find bottles of vermouth in any wine shop. But if you want to get authentic vermouth you can visit bar “La Plata”. This is one of Barcelona’s oldest tapas bars and the vermouth they serve is just incredible. And, in my opinion, is the perfect souvenir from Barcelona.

souvenirs from Barcelona vermouth bottle

Barcelona souvneir kit: Everything to make a paella: saffron, pan and more!

Now that you finally tried freshly made paella in Spain, maybe you should buy all the ingredients here, so you can make your own paella back home. Finding the ingredients for it should not be easy, you are definitely in the right country.

Things you can bring back home are: the paella pan, saffrón, paella seasoning, and paella rice. If you want to find a paella pan, you can look for one in El Corte Ingles. The seasoning, saffron, and rice can be bought in any market, like La Boquería, Mercado de Ninot, or smaller local shops. You can even check any supermarkets for those!

souvenir from Barcelona make your own paella

Take olive oil from Spain as a souvenir

Spain is the country of olive oil! Barcelona is the perfect place for finding Spanish olive oil that you can bring with you as a souvenir. The Spanish olive oil cannot be missing from your delicious tomato bread pan tumaca. But you can also find it in salads and it’s a major ingredient of alioli as well. You see, Spanish olive oil is very versatile and is known to be one of the best in the world. 

Where can you get some delicious Spanish olive oil? 

Of course, you can get Spanish olive oil in pretty much any Spanish supermarket. But I would invite you to check out the local markets (yes, La Boqueria for example!) for olive oil as well. Those usually have very beautiful designs and make a perfect souvenir from Barcelona!

souvenirs from madrid olive oil souvenirs from barcelona

What about some olives for a souvenir from Barcelona? 

Oh, Olives from Barcelona. You cannot go wrong by taking olives from Spain as souvenirs. You probably have seen that any restaurant or tapas bar serves olives with drinks. It is also common to order olives as a snack or as part of the entry. My mom loves Spanish olives and she always asks me to bring them back as a gift from Spain. 

You can buy olives in any supermarket, local shop or market. You can even chose from different fillings, like garlic, almonds or pepper. My favorite ones are the green olives filled with garlic. Delicious!

My pro tip: Every time I go back home I buy cans of olives in the supermarket and take it into my carry-on luggage. No one has ever said anything about the liquid, I was always allowed to take it. 

souvenirs from Barcelona olives from spain

My top tip: turrón is a great souvenir from Barcelona

My favorite souvenir from Spain to bring back home is turrón. And let me tell you why: First of all, it’s delicious, duh! Then, it’s not liquid so you can take it in your carry-on luggage. And it does not break in a cramped suitcase. It cannot be any better! There are probably hundreds of different turrones you can choose from, from soft to hard ones, to nutty ones, like almond or hazelnut, with different forms and packaging. 

My favorite turrón shop is “Turrones Vicens” which has several stores all around Barcelona. What I love about it are the different flavours of turrón you can find. They even have funky flavors like Baleys or even Gin. Then, the packaging is really pretty as well. Whenever I visit my family back home I make sure to take some turrón with me. This is the one Barcelona souvenir that never disappoints!

souvenirs from madrid turron souvenis from barcelona

The most authentic souvenirs from Barcelona: Panellets & other cookies

If you are coming in Barcelona during late autumn/early winter, you have to try the Panellets. Those are little cookies that are usually made of different kind of nuts that you can find in any bakery. Panellets are traditionally eaten during All Saints Day, which is why you will be able to find them around that time. Not only are Panellets a very delicious snack, but I think they can be a very original souvenir from Barcelona. Who would not be excited about local cookies as a Barcelona souvenir? 

You can find Panellets in late autumn/early winter in pretty much any bakery in Barcelona. They are usually packaged beautifully and make the perfect Barcelona souvenir.

My tip for a beautiful bakery is “La Colmena” in the Gothic quarter. Apart from Panellets, when they are in season, you can find so many different cookies and pastries there. Crazy! They have been open since 1849. A true historical gem!

Catalan chocolate, the ultimate souvenir from Barcelona

This is probably not the most obvious souvenir, but it deserves to be on this list too! Catalonia is also known for its chocolate and chocolate creations. And honestly, who would not be happy to receive a chocolate souvenir from Barcelona? While you can find the basic chocolates in any supermarket, I think you should check out the supermarket in Corte Inglés to find something that is more special. 

My top tip is Chocolate Amattler. And if you think that it sounds familiar, then you might have seen it right next to Casa Battló on Passeig de Grácia. This is one of the oldest chocolate brands in Europe, which was founded in 1797 in Barcelona. 


Where can I find good souvenirs from Barcelona? 

Depending on your budget, there are different places you can buy souvenirs in Barcelona. I think a good starting point could be Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla. There, you can find many souvenir shops that sell postcards, magnets, keychains, and other typical souvenirs. If you want food souvenirs, I highly recommend checking out the El Corte Ingles Supermarket. They have so many different Spanish food goodies you can take back home with you!

What are cheap souvenirs from Barcelona? 

Budget-friendly Barcelona souvenirs could be postcards, fridge magnets, key chains, or candy. Turrón and chocolate can also be budget-friendly souvenirs that will make anybody happy who receives them. 

What could be a great Barcelona souvenir for my boyfriend? 

If your boyfriend is a football fan, you can gift him FC Barcelona merch. You can find it at the official FC Barcelona store on Passeig de Gràcia. Apart from that, you can get your boyfriend some snacks or a bottle of wine. 

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